Why SC Pay?

Simple & quick payments

Easy to send and receive

Track all expenses, transactions and purchases

Security of the highest standards

Simple & Quick

Cashless payment is the future and we are committed in bringing the future right into your pocket. Enjoy the simplicity and joy of spending with just your mobile phone using the Scan & Pay function to scan the QR code.

You don’t need to run to the bank for extra funds anymore, just top up your wallet anytime, anywhere with our banking partners.

Easy to Send and Receive

What if we tell you that you can actually send and receive funds among your family members or friends instantly with zero cost around the world? Smart way to avoid embarrassing moments when you forgot to bring enough cash. Always ready to make payment.

Track all expenses, transactions and purchases

in real time. You can see all your detailed transaction history. Be more efficient in managing your finance and create your own budget. Be in control.

Security of the highest standards

Secure PIN code is enforced for all SC PAY users to keep accounts secure and protected. Fingerprint unlock feature is available on supported mobile devices.

SwanCity Pay

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